Pro Results Query Tour Selection Page

Pro Results Query Tour Selection Page

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IRT: International Racquetball Tour; the primary Men's pro tour. Data from 1974-present
LPRT: Ladies Professional Racquetball Tour; the primary Women's pro tour. Note that the Ladies data is only 'complete' from Apr 2009 to present; we're building the data from 1974-2009 but it is spotty, especially in the early 1980s and early 1990s.
WRT: World Racquetball Tour. Data complete from 2012-present with exception of 2 early 2013 tourneys

IRT Doubles: International Racquetball Tour Doubles; New Oct 2017 with new emphasis on doubles game on pro tour; has first 10 seeding tournaments dating to 2014 US Open plus all 'official' doubles events since.

IRF Summary: International Racquetball Federation: Tournament Summary Data New data as of Oct 2017 thanks to Dr. Timothy Baghurst. Under development Oct 2017; not yet finalized; data has 1st/2nd/3rd place finishers for Singles & Doubles for all IRF events from 1981-2015
IRF Match: International Racquetball Federation: Match Results Database. Data available for all Major IRF events from 2004-2017. Need 1981-2003.

Amateur Nationals: Amateur National tournaments: US Nationals, Mexican Nationals, Canadian Nationals. New Data as of Oct 2017; USA Nationals available from 2006-2017, Canada 2002-2017, Mexico 2014-2017. USA has just the winner from 1968-2005. Canada has limited data from 1975-2001 (sometimes finals only, sometimes q/s/f)
Juniors: Junior Tournament Data: Junior Amateur National tournaments for USA, Mexico and Canada plus IRF Junior Worlds. New Data as of Nov 2017; Data available: all junior nationals and IRF events from 2013-2017. Only focusing on 18U/16U for Boys and Girls for the purposes of this database.

Cross-Tour Head to Heads: Cross-tour Head to Head records. This will log into IRT, WRT, IRF and Amateur Singles tournaments to find ALL head to head matchups for players.

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All data in this database here was compiled by Todd Boss, with assistance from many helpful people (see Sources for a list of people I have spoken with or who have sent data/magazines). If you have additions, corrections or comments, please direct them to me, at