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IRT Tour History

  • IRT Match Results database: This is a front end to the full match list from the various Professional Tours of Racquetball from Sept 1973 to the present.

  • Tour History: a bullet-point history of the Pro Tour since inception, with major events, rule changes, etc (this is a highlight list; obviously the events of the early 80s could really fill a book). Last updated Oct 2012 with Ruben's last tournament.
  • Major Rule Change History: History of major rule changes on tour (scoring and how to determine the year end champ). Last Updated 6/22/10 with a detailed discussion of the upcoming 4 major rule changes proposed for the tour.
  • Tour Name History: A history of the name of the Pro Tour. Created/last updated 3/24/04.
  • Commissioner History: A history of the Pro Tour Commissioners. Last Updated 11/09 with Mannino's appointment as new commissioner.
  • Canadian Professional Racquetball Organization History: During the early 80s, the Catalina tour creation forced non-invitees off the pro tour, including Canadians, who formed their own tour. Last updated 7/7/06 with some input from Mike Ceresia on tour winners/participants.
    Tour Player History

  • Year End Title Winners 1968-present. Last updated May 2014 with Kane's 9th title.
  • Year End Summaries 6/1/09: New link providing an editorial "summary" of each season. Summaries In progress, i've got reviews of the past three seasons thus far. Last updated Sept 2014 with the 2013-14 bullet points.
  • Season End Standings by year: This data has been loaded into the database; use season-specific queries to see all the rankings per year, get rankings per player or use the "all top 10" to get the top 10 for every season.
  • #1 Ranking holders who never won a title: a list of players who have, at some point in their career, been #1 but who do not have a year end title. Last updated 11/3/10, with Ben Croft getting a #1 seed when Kane skipped a tourney.
  • Top Players never to have finished #1: a subjective list of top players of the eras of racquetball who never finished on top. These are players who routinely were in the Top 8 rankings but who never made their way to the top. Last updated 9/19/08 to add detail about Beltran's career.
  • Number of overall Titles: A list of players and the number of titles they earned. Last updated May 14 with Kane's 9th title.
  • Major Championship Titles: A list of the Major Title winners, by tournament. "Major" titles are/were the "Grand Slams" of the day, equivalent of the US Open now, and includes the US Open, Tournament of Champions, Pro Nationals/Grand Nationals, Ektelon Nationals, Catalina Nationals, DP/Leach Nationals and the IRA Nationals. Last updated Oct 2014 with Kane's unprecidented 10th US Open title.
  • Player of the Year: Player of the Year honors (data very spotty). Also includes Rookie of the Year, Comeback Player of the Year winners (if known). Last updated 11/19/07 with awards given post US Open banquet.
  • Number of Distinct Winners by year: a good idea of the diversity of talent on the tour over the years. Last updated Sept 2014 with 2013-14's details. This data is also available as a per-season report on the main report page.
  • Greatest Upsets in tour History: inspired by a forum conversation in August, 2004. A list of great upsets and great runs in Pro Racquetball history. Last updated 1/17/09 to add in Jose Rojas' California Open play.
  • The Best Players you've never heard of: inspired by a forum conversation in September 2008, this lists players who demonstrated real talent on tour but who didn't play full time, quit early or who had other reasons not to play. Last updated 1/17/09 with more musings post NYC 09 event.
  • Bo Keeley's Greatest of All Time Article: Published in Feb 2013, Keeley discusses the four eras of Racquetball, the best player from each era, and talks about determining the G.O.A.T.
  • Outstanding Issues/Questions about History: A list of outstanding issues unresolved even after research. Last updated 11/12/04.

  • Sources used to compile this data: Data sources, documents and People contacted to compile this history. Last updated 4/14/04 to credit Ceresia's input and Brian Simpson's drawsheets.
  • Release History. Last updated 4/14/04, no longer kept as database is constantly updated with new records.

  • Tournament Status in Match Database: PLEASE HELP: This is a status file of the results by tournament ... If it says "needed," then I'm missing all results for that tourney in the database. Generally speaking, I need: 10/10/09 Major update put in 7 of 12 tourneys for 199-200 season, 2 missing 94 tourneys. If you'd like to help complete the archive, PLEASE contact me at and I can tell you the information I need for each tourney. Its easy, if you have the data!

  • Magazines Needed: If you have any of these magazines, you can immediately help fill out some missing results.
    All data here was compiled by Todd Boss. If you have additions, corrections or comments, please direct them to me, at