Players who have achieved #1 but never finished #1

Racquetball history has seen primarily dominance by one or two players over the span of their careers. Hogan, Yellen, Swain, Monchik, Waselenchuk. However, several top-level players reached #1 during their careers but could not overcome the reigns of Racquetball's elite players.

  • 2014: Alvaro Beltran also achieved a #1 seed in a tournament during a brief spell where he had overtaken Carson for #2 and Waselenchuk was absent from injury. This happened at the Nov 2014 St. Louis event. He lost in the final to Carson.
  • 2010: Ben Croft seeded #1 in a tournament by virtue of Waselenchuk skipping it due to injury. Croft wasn't actaully RANKED #1 at the time but it was the first time someone was seeded #1 who had never achieved the rank of #1.
  • Early 90s, Sept 93, Nov 1995: Andy Roberts
  • Early 90s: Tim Doyle? (claim made, not sure if I can confirm)
  • Mid 80s, most of 86-87 season: Brett Harnett
  • 1982: Jerry Hilecher

    Pre 1982, there was no official "tour" and records were not known to be kept of the current unofficial "rankings" at a particular time on tour.