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Racquetball Program Information Page

Hello there. This is formerly the holding page for the Arlington Sport & Health racquetball leagues run by Todd Boss, club pro from 1998-2008. I have taken down all the pages but retain copies of them locally. If you need/want information from these pages, email me privately.

Pete Appel is the new club pro at arlington and can be reached through the club.

Good local links and resources online: Reference sites/Sponsoring organization abbreviations
  • Commonwealth of Virginia Racquetball Association
  • Maryland/Washington Racquetball Association
  • North Carolina Racquetball Association
  • Delaware Amateur Racquetball Association
  • USA Racquetball: Formerly the AARA, USRA. Home page for the National Amateur Racquetball association
  • IRT: International Racquetball tour: the Mens pro tour.
  • WPRO:, the Ladies Pro tour
  • Nova Racquetball; the main tournament organizers of the DC Metro area, run by Karen Denu

    If you have any questions about this page, send email to me, Todd Boss (