Transaction dumping

Transaction logs are dumped on two servers; dali's prod11 and degas's crimson SQL servers. All transaction log dumps are managed through SQL Backtrack. This fact has two implications; they are not "true" transaction log dumps (i.e., files generated by the sql command dump tran dbname to "file" are NOT compatible) and they must be reloaded if necessary through a SQL datatools program (either dtsload, dtsrecover, or sbacktrack). See the SQL backtrack overview for a complete discussion of how SQL backtrack works and how dumps and loads can be done.


- Every 1/2 hour: transation logs on crimson written to degas:/usr/sybase.d
This is from sybase's crontab on degas
5,35 7-18 * * * /usr/sybase.d/datatools/scripts/


- Every hour: transation logs on prod11 written to NFS mount pop:/news/prod11
this is from sybase's crontab on dali
1 7-19 * * * /export/datatools/scripts/