These are some good Sybase links that i've collected over the years.
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Sybase corporate sites
Sybase Corporate Home Page
Download Sybase Software
What's New in Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 11.5?: Table of Contents
Sybase product eol_list
On-Line Migration Resource Guide Home Page
Sybase, Inc. Performance Pack

Sybase Tech Support sites
Sybase ONLINE Support SupportPlus Online Services
SyBooks-on-the-Web: Sybase Product Documentation

Sybase Tuning Technical documents
ESNT: Sybase Technical Information Library
Device Size Limits for Backup Server, SQL Server 11.0.x and Adaptive Server Enterprise 11.5
SQL Server 11.0.x Technical Overview
Tuning the Sybase SQL Server for Bulk Loads
Configuring Sybase SQL Server for High Availability: Sun Solstice HA

Sybase-related White papers/Info documents
Technical Introduction and Overview
Sun Info Docs document 10917 (Sybase Kaio)
Sybase, Inc., IQ
jConnect for JDBC Whitepaper
SQL Server 11 Bug List
Surrogate Primary Keys, Concurrency, and the Cache Hit Ratio

Sybase FAQ Sites
Comp.database.sybase FAQ at SGI- Table of Contents
25036: Sybase SQL Server System 11 FAQs
Sybase web.sql FAQ
System 11 Frequently Asked Questions

Sybase Tutorial Sites
Intro to Sybase Architecture (Dgsys)

Sybase Partner-Net Specific sites (you must have a partner login)
Sybase, Inc. North America Update 18 Apr 97
Sybase, Inc. USA Expanded Product Price List

Sybase-related orgainizations
Sybase Contractors' Monthly Meet
ISUG Homepage
(DCASUG) DC Area Sybase User Group
ISUG North American 1997 User Conference
$GROUPNAME Homepage (Sybase user group)

Sybase Shareware sites
Index of /sbaker/Sybase
ISUG Shareware
PNNL Sybase Information Repository
Ed Barlow's Sybase Shareware
Michael Peppler's Home Page (Sybperl!)
SQSH Homepage

Miscellaneous Home pages/Magazine articles/etc
Tony Sheng's Home Page
DBMS - August 1997 - Server Side (Sybase IQ) Exploring Sybase SQL Server - Home Page
Database Programming & Design Magazine
DBMS - November 1996 - Comparison Summary

Non-Sybase-specific RDBMS sites
Business Objects FAQ
Database Systems Laboratory, Univ of Massachusetts
DBA Main Page
Guide to Database management
Informix online help
International Informix Users Group
INX_UTIL On Line Informix Tools & Utilities
Logic Works, Inc. -- Company Homepage
Oracle: The Oracle Developer Programme: Archive
Oracle Free Software
Oracle government
Oracle Code Depot
Oracle FAQ Contents
Oracle General Book-Index
PLATINUM Fragmentation Analyzer
PostgreSQL: Home
Powerbuilder 5.0 (Windows) Documentation
PowerBuilder FAQ
rdbms compairson (old)
Sql Power Tools
SQL Technologies, inc.
SRI's NetScape Sybernet Server
Sybperl mail list archives
sybperl man page
The SQL Workshop - Home Page
TNI - Pirus
Web-Database Gateways
Welcome to HARO Consulting Inc.! (cyborg)
WWW Database (powerbuilder info)